Essie Canada Launches #essiebringback Campaign for Discontinued Shades


From now until August 3, nail-polish fans who covet a long-lost Essie lacquer can vote to revive it through the #essiebringback social media campaign. Comments on Instagram, Twitter and the brand’s Facebook page are counted as votes.

The frontrunner shade by far appears to be Starry Starry Night, which was name-checked in a New York Times article last year on the lure of hard-to-get polishes. Diehards will search for years to find a bottle of the midnight blue speckled with silver glitter, and the Times reported that a bottle once fetched $250 on eBay.

On August 6, the top 12 most-requested shades will be announced. To narrow the field, fans will then have until August 20 to vote on Essie Canada’s Facebook page for one ultimate winner. That nail polish will be back on store shelves in January 2016. 

This is not the first time a beauty brand has enabled consumers to revive a dearly departed product through social-media voting. M.A.C has run a similar campaign, called M.A.C By Request.