Top 15 YouTube Beauty Vloggers—Ranked on Social Blade

Videos by YouTube beauty vloggers can quickly rack up millions of views, and their valuable creators are now more attractive than ever to brands looking for the right partnership. But as an influencer’s devoted audience grows, so too does the price tag for in-video promotion. And as more brands recruit YouTubers for campaigns, vloggers are becoming increasingly selective about which ones they’re willing to promote on their channels.

Recently, Evolve!, a marketing and influencer engagement firm based in California, turned to social-media stats tracker Social Blade to rank the “most social beauty vloggers” on YouTube. To calculate its scores, Social Blade uses a proprietary algorithm that factors in subscribers, views and estimated current and projected ad revenues.

Here are the top 15 beauty vloggers ranked as “most social,” along with each channel’s most-viewed beauty video to date. (More details can be viewed here.)


1. Tamang Phan (dope2111)


Most popular beauty video: Disney’s Frozen Elsa Makeup Tutorial (45 million views)

Subscribers*: More than 3 million


2. Bethany Mota (Macbarbie07)


Most popular beauty video: Running Late For School ⎜Quick Hair fixes, Makeup, & Outfit Ideas! (10 million views)

Subscribers*: More than 9.1 million


3. Charis Lincoln (CharismaStar)


Most popular beauty video: Monster High - Draculaura MAKEUP! (17 million views)

Subscribers*: 603,918


4. Meghan Rienks (clevverstyle)


Most popular beauty video: 4 Weirdest Ways to Curl Your Hair (2 million views)

Subscribers*: 755,145


5. Michelle Phan (MichellePhan)


Most popular beauty video: Barbie Transformation Tutorial (61 million views)

Subscribers*: 7.9 million


6. Niki and Gabi DeMartino (nikiandgabibeauty)


Most popular beauty video: The REAL way to get LONG hair. (5.7 million views)

Subscribers*: 1.7 million


7. Ingrid Nilson (missglamorazzi)


Most popular beauty video: My Boyfriend Does My Makeup! ♥ Makeup MAYhem Day 6 (3.9 million views)

Subscribers*: 3.7 million


8. Carli Bybel (CarliBel55)


Most popular beauty video: Makeup MISTAKES to AVOID! +13 Tips for a Flawless Face (6.3 million views)

Subscribers*: 3 million


9. Loey Lane (LoeyLane)


Most popular beauty video: Everyday Acne Coverage Foundation Routine + Contouring For Flawless Skin (212,000 views)

Subscribers*: 456,028


10. Kandee Johnson (kandeejohnson)


Most popular beauty video: Glitterati Lip Tattoo & Lip Word Tattoo | Kandee Johnson (24 million views)

Subscribers*: 3 million


11. Tiffy (tiffyquake)


Most popular beauty video: How I dye my hair purple & blue ♥ DIY (3 million views)

Subscribers*: 721,260


12. Jaclyn Hill (Jaclynhill1)


Most popular beauty video: Smokey Cat Eye (10.6 million views)

Subscribers*: 2.2 million


13. Kat Sketch (therealkatsketch)


Most popular beauty video: ANNA HALF FROZEN MAKEUP TUTORIAL! (17.8 million views)

Subscribers*: 556,053


14. Remi Cruz (MissRemiAshten)


Most popular beauty video: My Makeup Collection! (214,000 views)

Subscribers*: 758,941


15. Meghan Rienks (meghanrosette)


Most popular beauty video: Waterfall Braid Tutorial (2.9 million views)

Subscribers*: 1.8 million


*Numbers as of Social Blade scoring