Canadian Cancer Society Releases New Sun Safety Recommendations




This week, the Canadian Cancer Society released a series of updates to its sun safety recommendations. Surprisingly, this marks the first time in more than 20 years that there’s been a national consensus on best sun safety practices. The changes took a year of consultation with organizations such as Cancer Care Ontario, the Canadian Dermatology Association and other national and provincial health authorities.

“There have been mixed messages on sun safety for years, which is confusing for Canadians,” said Robert Nuttall, assistant director of health policy at the Canadian Cancer Society, in an official release. “Consistent sun safety recommendations are critical to improving sun safety behaviours.”

While sunscreen is crucial (see our review of new launches here), it can’t do its job if it’s not being used. And as consumers are notoriously fickle about the texture, smell and experience of wearing sunscreen, helping them find one they actually enjoy wearing may help prevent dangerous melanomas. For insight on what women look for when shopping for an SPF product, read this recent survey.

Take our quiz below to find out just how sun-smart you really are, and learn more about the Canadian Cancer Society’s key sun safety updates here.