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Beauty Innovation: La Roche-Posay’s Sun-Smart Wearable Tech

Soon, getting a lobster-red burn won’t be the only way to notice a suncare fail. The whizzes at L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator have created a first-of-its-kind stick-on skin sensor that monitors how much UV light hits the wearer over the course of up to five days. Revealed this January at the gadget-geek trade show CES, it will launch this summer as the La Roche-Posay My UV Patch.

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Study: Beauty Consumers Prefer Mobile Devices Over Sales Associates

In a few short years, the rise of smartphones has transformed the way people socialize, consume content and shop. According to market research company TNS, the average millennial spends around 3.2 hours a day tuned into their mobile device. This constant digital connection is also affecting how shoppers interact with salespeople, including beauty advisors.

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