Hot Sales-Boosting Tips on Communicating Product Info

As the beauty industry continues to grow, there’s more of everything—more product innovation, more distribution channels and more ways to engage your clients. To help navigate the expanding market, we enlisted Mickey Tortorelli, CEO & founder of BeauteSchool Inc., to lend her expertise on how to best communicate product knowledge with your clients. Here are her top three tips: 

1. Remember the 80/20 rule:

80 per cent of sales are generated by 20 per cent of the products you stock in your store. Memorize these products and how they work so you’re able to provide the answer when a customer asks, “What’s the difference between product A and product B?”

2. Use the tricks of the trade:

Great orators have long relied on “the power of three” because it has been proven that we retain information more easily when it’s delivered in the multiple. When presenting a product, focus on the top three features and benefits.

3. Show and tell!

Explaining product knowledge to your clients while you are demonstrating the use of the product is a winning combination. As you explain features and benefits, apply the product, let your customer hold and experience the product, engaging all of their senses.

Heather Marrin