5 Hot Suncare Tips

We know the basics, but still get caught out by the sun. (Burn!) Read on for five foolproof application tips from dermatologist Dr. Julia Carroll, director and dermatologist at Compass Dermatology.

Apply it in the Buff

“I tell my patients to put the sunscreen on when they are naked. Not that I want them to put it all over parts of their body that are never going to see the sun, but it's great for parts you forget, like the back of the neck and places you might be a bit timid to put the sunscreen because you don't want to wreck your shirt.” 

Same Goes for Runners

“This is a good tip for runners, as well, who are trying to cover a certain area, but clothes come up and down as you run.”

Layer Your Sunscreen

“I think it's great that there's extra sunscreen in some BB creams that we use, or foundations, but I don't think that should be your primary sunscreen. We don't know with certainty that you're putting on enough so I always recommend a base of proper sunscreen.”

Apply Over Acne

“Sheer products are great, because for the most part, people don't break out with them. For a lot of women, when they have acne, it takes a long time for it to heal and they have red marks left behind on their skin. If you tan or burn and expose those marks to the sun, they turn into brown spots...Sunscreen is really important to prevent that and to prevent it from getting worse.”

Protect your “Three Faces”

“I always tell women that you've got three faces — your face, your neck and chest, and the backs of your hands — and to treat them all the same.”

Heather Marrin