5 Tips for Selling Fragrance


Looking to boost scent sales at your counter? We enlisted fragrance expert Marian Bendeth, owner of fragrance consulting company, Sixth Scents, to provide us with her top five selling tips: 

1. Welcoming eye contact is important, but avoid highly complimentary introductions which can be construed as artificial.

2. Ascertain if they are seeking a gift or wanting to experiment with either a new scent or classification altogether.

3. Gather fragrance names they already wear to guide you in their tastes and to determine which scents they will be offered to test.

4. Find out if they are ready to experiment with a new fragrance family. New doesn't necessarily mean newly launched.

5. Your counter should be a place
of intrigue and education. Flacons and blotters should look appealing and clean.

Heather Marrin