Judith Ritchie, Founder, JolieSoul.com


As we gear up for the 2016 Canadian Fragrance Awards, get to know our panel of expert judges.

Meet Judith Ritchie, Founder, JolieSoul.com
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What’s your all-time favourite fragrance? Tubereuse 40 by Le Labo. I was in New York City maybe in 2007 and had just heard about Le Labo and decided to go in their boutique on Elizabeth Street. I met the founder, Fabrice, a charming French guy. He told me…smell this. It’s a beautiful tubéreuse, in the City Exclusives collection. You can buy it only in New York. He gave me a sample and it became my signature fragrance.

What’s your best new find? Rose de Grasse, Aerin Lauder. Very romantic, feminine, but powerful. A beautiful rose.

How many bottles are in your fragrance collection? I have maybe 20, only exclusive, numérotées or niche fragrances. A bottle of Creed Jardin d’Amalfi dedicated by Erwin Creed himself, the entire collection of Juliette Has a Gun parfums created by my friend Romano Ricci, Rose Oud By Kilian, a numbered Lalique crystal bottle of Guerlain Shalimar, and L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci.

What’s your signature spritz style? Décolleté...