Lesa Hannah, Beauty Director, FASHION Magazine


As we gear up for the 2016 Canadian Fragrance Awards, get to know our panel of expert judges.

Meet Lesa Hannah, Beauty Director, FASHION Magazine
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What’s your all-time favourite fragrance? I don’t really have one I’d consider an all-time favourite. Fragrance is more of a fleeting thing for me. I like ones at certain points in my life and then they eventually fade for me. I do have special appreciation for ones like Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and Tom Ford Black Orchid, but would probably never make a point of wearing them again.

What’s your best new find? Arquiste for J.Crew No. 57. It sounds kind of lame to love one created for a retailer, but it’s just THAT GOOD (cedarwood, aged whiskey, cinnamon). I also love that it’s based on the art gallery in NYC that held the first all-female modern art show in 1943, rather than some idiotic marketing profile that is vague and meaningless. 

How many bottles are in your fragrance collection? Two to three, but they’re not even full size—they’re rollerballs, solids or lab samples. Since I wear fragrance so infrequently, the theme is “Scents that I like so much, I will actually wear, but only when I remember.”

What’s your signature spritz style? Spray on pulse points and then allow to dry.