Rani Sheen, Beauty Editor, The Kit and The Kit Compact


As we gear up for the 2016 Canadian Fragrance Awards, get to know our panel of expert judges.

Rani Sheen, Beauty Editor, The Kit and The Kit Compact
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What’s your all-time favourite fragrance? L’Eau d’Issey. I think I came across it at the perfume counter of my local department store in Sydney, where I grew up. I remember being attracted to the elegant, unusual bottle and I knew it was from a great Japanese fashion house, which appealed to me. It seemed very sophisticated. The scent worked so well on me—people would always comment on it, and I always felt very elegant wearing it, so I never strayed from it. I started collecting the flanker editions, a habit I still have, which allows me to mix it up while staying true to my signature. 

What’s your best new find? I really love By Kilian Imperial Tea, which is the most recent scent I’ve added to my perfume shelf along with all the Isseys. Watery, tea, non-sweet scents are my jam, and Imperial Tea smells like a fresh, wet cup of green tea to me, slightly bitter at first and a bit earthy.

How many bottles are in your fragrance collection? Twelve. It’s 10 Isseys, Imperial Tea and Byredo’s Inflorescence, which I really liked when I first tried it, but on repeated wears I’m finding it too cloying, so I never gravitate toward it. Back to Issey it is.

What’s your signature spritz style? I don’t like to wear too much day to day, partly because my husband is very sensitive to scent, so I spray once on one wrist and very, very gently touch my wrists together to transfer it. Then I do a half spray on my neck, so just a little comes out. If I’m going to a party and want to feel alluring, I’ll add a spray above my head and let it fall down on my hair.