Vânia Aguiar, Executive Director of Vânia Le Blogue


As we gear up for the 2016 Canadian Fragrance Awards, get to know our panel of expert judges.

Meet Vânia Aguiar, Executive Director of Vânia Le Blogue
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What’s your all-time favourite fragrance? While testing different fragrances I came across Fleurs d’Oranger by Serge Lutens and its smell just seduced me completely. I did not know if it was an orange blossom that pretends to be a tuberose or perhaps vice versa. What I knew was that, either way, this Serge Lutens composition dispels any illusions about flowers being sheer, pretty and delicate. Fleurs d’Oranger is sultry and opulent and is one of the most dramatic floral compositions, oscillating between the honeyed sweetness of white blossoms and salty muskiness of sun-warmed skin. Just beautiful!

What’s your best new find? Red Roses by Jo Malone. It’s an overdose of roses, a rich and full scent of a romantic fusion of flowers. Seven of the world’s most exquisite roses are blended with crushed violet leaves and just a hint of lemon to create a sensuous and evocative perfume. It’s totally addictive!

How many bottles are in your fragrance collection? Oh, I’ve lost count! There are no themes or strategies, just scents I love and will for sure wear.

What’s your signature spritz style? I spritz all over my body!