Editors' Picks: Natural Beauties

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Finding a product that’s packed with natural and organic ingredients, and delivers kick-ass results used to be a chore, but today it’s possible to feel spoiled for choice. In honour of Earth Month, we share our favourite natural-inspired product picks. If you have a favourite that isn’t on our list, share it with us on social by tagging @cosmeticsmag! 

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Morning Dew 

Green Card: Hand-poured in Haliburton, Canada, Living Libations botanicals are distilled from plant matter using almost nothing more than pure water. To make their brand even more attractive to the conscious consumer, LL recently finished building a new eco-friendly headquarters that will be the first of its kind in Canada. 

Ed Pick: “I’m currently obsessed with the Ozonated Beauty Balms — specially the BeDew Dab. Mediterranean blue in colour, it has a cooling, gel-like texture that leaves a silky finish but without the mess of a straight-up oil. The perfect spot treatment for my extra-rosy, dry, flaky cheeks, it’s packed with blue tansy, peppermint, jojoba and laurel wax to soothe chapped skin and reduce redness.” — Heather Marrin

BeDew Dab Ozonated Beauty Balm, $40, at livinglibations.com

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Moon Party 

Green Card: Using recyclable and reusable packaging, Herbivore Botanicals are created without the use of synthetic ingredients, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, fillers and petroleum. Having started it in their Seattle kitchen, married co-founders Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow stand by their mission of using ethically sourced ingredients and cooking from scratch. 

Ed Pick: “If I’m being honest it was the packaging and the name that first drew me to this night cream. Now, I continue to use it because it’s not heavy like night creams I’ve used in the past, and it’s formulated with anti-inflammatory indigo root powder which cools my skin tone and aloe juice, which naturally contains salicylic acid to help avoid waking up with uninvited breakouts.” — Heather Marrin

Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment, $70, at Sephora

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No Sweat 

Green Card: Using natural and organic ingredients, Meow Meow Tweet’s small-batch creations are not only housed in adorably illustrated containers hand-drawn by one of its co-founders, they also use the least amount of plastic possible, with the majority wrapped in PVC paper or packaged in recyclable glass. 

Ed Pick: “I recently set myself a zero-waste challenge and needed a natural deodorant that worked and came in eco-friendly packaging. Meow Meow Tweet’s Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream is my top pick because it lasts all day, has a neutral scent and doesn’t leave behind any residue like some other charcoal options. Plus, its packaging is both adorable and biodegradable!” — Stephanie Hicks

Baking Soda Free Deodorant Stick $20, at meowmeowtweet.com

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Fresh Pressed

Green Card: Focusing on fairly traded organic ingredients extracted using cold-pressed technology to preserve the maximum nutrients, EmerginC Rawceuticals is a new six-product line from Canadian skincare company Caryl Baker Visage.

Ed Pick: My dehydrated winter skin has made me a sucker for cleansing oils and this one, powered by sunflower oil makes me think summer — or at least glowing summer skin — is one step closer.  The gentle formula, which is 95 percent organic and 97 percent cold pressed, also contains sesame seed oil, aloe and argan oil to moisturize skin while removing your makeup. — Alex Laws

EmerginC Rawceuticals Clean, $60, at carylbakervisage.com

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Minty Fresh

Green Card: Plant-powered skincare line Graydon uses potent botanicals, where possible, sourced from Canada. The packaging reflects the brands straightforward ethos that has borne staples like its Face Food energizing spritz and nourishing, calming Putty face moisturizer.

Ed Pick: “My latest obsession is the Matcha Mint Shampoo. It comes in a pump, which looks chic and is convenient to use. It contains chia to hydrate and strengthen hair, while sunflower seed extract enhances thickness and leaves hair super soft. Coconut based surfactants lather up a storm and the vanilla and peppermint scent smells divine. It’s the first natural shampoo I’ve found that adds volume to my hair and leaves it feeling silky soft.” — Alex Laws

Matcha Mint Shampoo 240ml, $25, at Graydon Skincare.ca

Heather Marrin