Editor's Picks: 5 Eco Friendly Faves

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In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, here are five eco-friendly faves — Stephanie Hicks

With Earth Day around the corner, there is no time like the present to start making conscious choices in our daily routines. Zero-waste beauty is a growing part of the cosmetics industry and making waves with new and innovative products. Ingredient transparency is at the forefront, and packaging is taking a close second with compostable, recyclable, refillable and plastic-free options. I took a zero-waste challenge for a month, and much of what I discovered stayed with me, including these five products that found their way into my shopping cart — without a speck ending up in the trash.

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Aussie Inspiration

This 100% natural, Canadian “anti-odourant” was birthed in Australia to put an end to the phrase "Mate, you pong!,” which translates to, "Dude, you stink." It contains nourishing coconut oil and beeswax, essential oils like lemongrass, vanilla and cedarwood, and corn starch and baking soda to help keep you fresh and dry all day. (A fragrance- and baking-soda-free version is also available.) When you’re finished, use the handy tin for travel essentials like pills or bobby pins. 

No Pong Anti-Odourant, $5.95, at Nopong.com.

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Cat’s Meow

A brand that takes zero waste to a whole new level, Meow Meow uses exclusively recyclable or compostable packaging and its ingredients are pure, natural and, where possible, organic. This facial oil is great for oily or blemish-prone skin thanks to easily absorbed hemp seed oil and jojoba seed oil. It will leave your skin feeling smooth and your bin empty as the glass bottle can be recycled. 

Meow Meow Tweet Juniper Carrot Seed Face Oil, $25, at Meowmeowtweet.com.  

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Barely There Beauty

RMS Beauty, a Canadian makeup brand that uses natural and organic ingredients, is a champion of the no-makeup look. This "Un-Cover Up" is a concealer that doesn't cake on, yet leaves you feeling covered. Housed in a small glass pot, it is easy to apply and gives you the perfect dewy finish. With a wide variety of products in plastic-free packaging, RMS is an eco-friendly addition that feels as good as it looks.     

RMS Un-Cover Up, $45, at The Detox Market.  

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Lather, Rinse, Recycle

Two-in-one products save time and resources. (Sign me up! ) This hair and body bar by Christophe Robin is formulated with aloe vera for its soothing benefits. Focusing on scalp and skin health it uses 100 per cent natural ingredients that will leave your hair feeling strong and skin feeling soft. And because it's a shampoo/soap bar that disintegrates as you use it, the only waste is paper packaging that can be recycled.  

Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo Bar with Aloe Vera, $27, Christophe-robin.com.

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Filler Up

Refillable is the future and Kajier Weis is leading the way with a variety of compacts you refill as needed. This cream blush is  made of 95 percent certified organic raw materials and uses jojoba and rosa rubiginosa seed oils to add moisture and fight signs of aging. Available in 11 shades, it delivers a beautiful pigment, perfect for any makeup enthusiast. The best part? The beautiful compacts are built to last and the refills come in paper packaging with aluminium inserts, so everything can be recycled.  

Kajier Weis Cream Blush, $76, refill, $44, at The Detox Market. 

Heather Marrin