Made in Canada: Sahajan


The backstory: After coming home one day to find her baby daughter slathered in her moisturizer, Toronto-based former pharmaceutical executive Lisa Mattam worried the product wasn’t healthy for the tot’s skin. It was in this moment that she wondered why she didn’t maintain the same standards for her own skin that she did for her child. This realization prompted Mattam to research the natural, plant-based ingredients her India-born parents had used throughout her childhood.

The ingredients: Mattam’s research led her to create Sahajan, an organic line of skincare and haircare inspired by Ayurveda, the 5,000-year-old healing practice rooted in India. Manufactured in Canada, each product was formulated from scratch, with input from two Ayurvedic doctors. Key ingredients include gotu kola, a herb in the parsley family that encourages collagen production, and neem oil, which soothes inflammation and reduces dark circles.

The range: Currently the five-piece line includes a face serum, face cream, eye cream, hair oil and body oil. Next up, Mattam is looking to add a cleanser and mask. The Sahajan collection is available at, and will launch later this month at