New in Stores: Dermocosmetic Skincare

These new dermocosmetic skincare launches tackle uneven texture, dark spots and more


NeoStrata Pore Minimizing Anti-Shine Hydrating Gel

Made for combination/oily skin and suitable for even sensitive types, this new gel moisturizer offers three benefits: hydration without a sticky feel, a mattifying finish and smaller-looking pores over time. A marine-derived ingredient (Matmarine) reduces shine, while a lentil-seed extract (p-Refinyl) refines skin texture. $29, at drugstores. —Caitlin Agnew


Reversa Anti-Spot Brightening Serum

The latest from Canadian dermocosmetic brand Reversa treats all hyperpigmentation, whether caused by aging, acne or hormones. Vitamin C and extract of Western dock (a herb) reduce production of excess melanin, while moth bean seed extract serves as a more stable, vegetal alternative to retinol, accelerating cell turnover. This serum works best in combination with a brightening or anti-aging moisturizer; using a daytime SPF of 30+ is also a must to prevent new spots. $48, at drugstores. —C.A.


SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2

Ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids are all lipids (water-insoluble compounds found in skin) that encourage cell turnover and natural self-repair. But our levels of them decrease with age, resulting in a weakened skin barrier, increased dryness and uneven texture. To counter these effects, this anti-aging formula is the first to offer this specific 2:4:2 lipid ratio—two percent ceramides, four percent cholesterol and two percent fatty acids—in a fast-absorbing, lightweight cream. Applied morning and night, it helps improve skin smoothness, elasticity and radiance. $140, at select medi-spas and dermatologists’ offices across Canada. —Kelly Clark