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More Men Than Women Are Searching Google for Hairstyle Advice Now

“You’d think the answer to the query ‘how to grow a man bun’ would be fairly self-evident — ‘do not cut it’ — but apparently not. This year, that particular question was one of Google’s most-searched phrases related to man buns, which was in turn one of the biggest beauty trends clocked by the tech giant. (Understandably, guys also wanted to know ‘how to tie a man bun.’)” Read more at

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Google Ad Warning Could Prevent Skin Cancer Cases

“Online advertising based on Google search terms could be an effective way to prevent skin cancer cases, according to a study led by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco. The team created a series of nine Google Adwords – a pay-per-click online service – about the risks associated with indoor tanning that appeared next to search results when Google users typed in common search terms when looking for information about tanning beds.” Read more at

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