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Why Hair Essences Are the Next Big Thing in Haircare

“As you may know, the ‘essence’ skincare category was created in Korea and basically consists of ultra-concentrated liquids or lotions packed with active ingredients that improve the overall appearance and health of skin. The hair equivalents function in much the same fashion, coating the hair with nutrition while moisturizing to prevent dryness.” Read more at Marie Claire.

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10 Natural Hair Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Want to Trash Your Flat Iron Forever

“Kinks, coils and curls are not a new trend. In recent years, more and more people have shunned wigs, hair weaves and chemical relaxers, returning to the more natural, born-with-it look of past decades. Chemical relaxer sales are plummeting by the millions, NBC News reports, and with that, a slew of social media accounts aimed at naturalistas (and naturalistos) have surfaced, taking the world of Instagram by storm.” Read more at People.


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