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What Does Multiracial Hair Even Mean?

“‘Where do you fit in?’ asks the copy on a tube of Miss Jessie’s MultiCultural Curls. ‘You have a multitude of textures, or come from a beautiful mix of different ethnicities, but cannot find styling products that work for your unique curls.’ This is a problem for people with thick, curly hair. Until relatively recently, mainstream beauty aisles were stocked with all manner of gels and sprays targeted to (usually white) women with straight-to-wavy hair looking for volume and texture. For any other products, there was the ‘ethnic’ aisle, stocked with heavy oils or chemical straighteners. If your hair fell in between, well, good luck.” Read more at Racked.

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More Men Than Women Are Searching Google for Hairstyle Advice Now

“You’d think the answer to the query ‘how to grow a man bun’ would be fairly self-evident — ‘do not cut it’ — but apparently not. This year, that particular question was one of Google’s most-searched phrases related to man buns, which was in turn one of the biggest beauty trends clocked by the tech giant. (Understandably, guys also wanted to know ‘how to tie a man bun.’)” Read more at

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