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Too Cool for School Is the Latest Korean Beauty Brand Making the Grade

“Too Cool for School’s offerings are made all the more distinctive by its packaging. The brand has made it a point to commission different artists to design each of its ranges. It’s signature 'Dinoplatz' range features illustrations by the painter/architect Hatori Sando, who has been a recurring collaborator.” Read more at Wallpaper.

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How Indie Brands Are Reinventing the US Cosmetics Market

“According to the Kline researchers, one of the biggest reasons for the indie players’ success has been the power of engagement with consumers with these standout products, and much of that has come through social media. Social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have become a ‘cost-effective way of promoting a brand’ heightening a company’s ability to connect with a consumer on a very personal level.” Read more at Cosmetics Design.

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Why Indie Cosmetic Brands Are Being Snapped Up by the Bigger Players

“Cutting edge indie cosmetics brands have been leading the way in industry growth over the past few years, which explains why larger multinationals have been lining up to incorporate them into their portfolios. In the US brands such as GlamGlow, NYX, Le Labo, Ren, and Dermalogica are amongst the most prominent names that have been bought up in recent years.” Read more at

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