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David Beckham Is Launching His First Skincare Collection in 2017

“David Beckham has signed on as the first global ambassador of L’Oréal-owned Biotherm Homme in a multi-year partnership. The first campaign advertising the brand’s N°1 moisturizer Aquapower will be released in June but, perhaps more excitingly, Beckham will also collaborate on a range of men’s skin-care and grooming products set to launch in 2017.” Read more at

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Is Male Grooming the Next Big Thing in Beauty?

“As a beauty editor, I get my fair share of inquiries about products—and this wasn't even my first one from a guy. But the man sending this text message is the epitome of what you might call a "dude." As in, he isn't the type of guy you'd see walking down the street and think, His face looks well-moisturized. More like, He probably knows the score to last night's football game. Read more at Refinery29.

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How a 15-Year-Old Drugstore Men’s Aftershave Balm Went Kylie Jenner Viral

“In May 2015, the beloved Netherlands-based makeup vlogger Nikkie Tutorials (she has almost 3 million Instagram followers and 2.8 million YouTube subscribers) posted a video about some of her favorite new makeup items. In addition to the predictable liquid lipsticks and bronzer, she dropped the bombshell that her new favorite makeup primer was—you guessed it—Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm.” Read more at Racked.

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