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How L’Oréal Is Acting Like a Tech Company Instead of a Beauty Company

“Sticking the My UV Skin patch on your arm is a cinch. It’s as simple as applying a Band-Aid or a nicotine patch. There’s one crucial difference: This personalized sun protection device has five layers of micron-thin electronics, including near field communication capabilities. But the creators of this particular wearable would just as soon you didn’t think about any of that.” Read more at Fast Company.

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How L’Oréal Built a UV-Measuring Temporary Tattoo

“When L’Oréal pitches you on its new wearable, you envision a Wi-Fi-connected makeup compact or some sort of skin-toning helmet. Or maybe a lipstick tube that’s also a USB stick. What you don’t envision is a sticker—a temporary tattoo with teeny, tiny circuits inside. The beauty company has its own tech incubator, run by L’Oréal tech guru Guive Balooch. His team partnered with sensor-maker MC10 and design firm PCH to create a wearable called the My UV Patch.” Read more at Wired.

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The Failure Of Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Sunscreen Explained

“A consumer products company whose eco-friendly and hypoallergenic goods are intended to give parents peace of mind is now getting a piece of the minds of customers over the apparent failure of their reformulated SPF 30 sunscreen lotion. The Honest Company, co-founded by actress Jessica Alba, is now the focus of customer complaints and photos of sunburned children posted online.” Read more at Forbes.

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