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What It Takes to Make a Gender-Neutral Perfume—and Why It Matters

“The celebrity perfume industry is a huge, bubbling business reportedly pulling in more than $1.3 billion a year. Crafting a scent has become a mandatory step in building a celebrity empire and actress and singer Ariana Grande is the latest celebrity to create her perfume—and in classic Ariana fashion, she's using it to make a point: Her latest perfume, Frankie, is gender neutral.” Read more at Mic.

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Genderless Beauty

“Within the beauty space, both skincare and fragrance have brands that can be viewed as gender neutral. In skincare, while the majority of the market continues to target specific genders, brands with simple gender neutral packaging and formulations that appeal to both sexes are performing exceptionally well. In a relatively flat skincare market, these types of brands are growing double digits.” Read more at The NPD Group Blog.

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