Pro Guide to Perfect Brows: The Instagram Brow



Shapely, well-endowed, with curves in all the right places—everyone covets the perfect pair. We’re talking #browgoals, of course. Here’s how to help anyone achieve theirs


It’s the beauty look with its own lingo (#onfleek): brows with flawless symmetry, structure and a super-crisp silhouette.

The tools: A gel-crème pot for precision, buildable drama and all-day wear, and concealer to help define the edge.

The how-to: Dip the angled brush, then holding the width vertical, drag it along the hairs. But don’t just follow the natural eyebrow, which is never perfectly symmetrical. Instead, think about “creating a whole other brow on top of the existing brow,” explains Maddox Lu, senior national education manager and brow artist for Benefit Cosmetics.

Since everyone’s arches are sisters, not twins, take a step back periodically when applying product, to check that the shape you’re creating is even. For the finishing touch, use a concealer (skin-matching or one shade lighter) to “crisp up the line,” says Lu, noting that this step is especially important for camera-ready sharpness.

As for achieving the next-level ombré brow? “Start applying product halfway into the brow, where the arch would be, and drag it through to the tail,” Lu says. “Then slowly brush your way to the front. As your brush gradually runs out of product, you’re creating a gradient.”

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