Pro Guide to Perfect Brows: The Guy Brow



Shapely, well-endowed, with curves in all the right places—everyone covets the perfect pair. We’re talking #browgoals, of course. Here’s how to help anyone achieve theirs


Now that the art of facial grooming—from beards to beyond—is the norm, men are increasingly into taming their caterpillar brows, too. The challenge is to tidy, without taking things too far.

The tools: Tweezers and clear brow gel or wax.

The how-to: With guys, “we don’t shape—we just contain,” says Mary Dang, makeup artist and founder of Eye Love Brow and Beauty Bar in Toronto. “You never want to over-manicure, create any arches or taper any tails. It’s more about trimming [overly long hairs] and neatening up strays.”

When plucking, stay conservative and keep some natural fluffiness: “The most important thing is to leave the baby vellus hairs around the brow,” advises Maddox Lu, senior national education manager and brow artist for Benefit Cosmetics, who generally recommends that men seek out a pro for shaping since the task can be too technical to DIY. Once the brow is cleaned up, a clear gel or wax will make all the wayward hairs—which normally sprout in every direction—stay put.

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Watch this video to see how Maddox Lu, national brow artist for Benefit, grooms the guy brow: