Pro Guide to Perfect Brows: The Full and Lush Look



Shapely, well-endowed, with curves in all the right places—everyone covets the perfect pair. We’re talking #browgoals, of course. Here’s how to help anyone achieve theirs


In vogue ever since Brooke Shields made the look famous, and popularized once again with the Cara effect, this is arguably the most wanted brow today: abundant, dense and youthful.

The tools: A powder palette for instant payoff, and a protein-rich brow conditioner for a thicker look over time.

The how-to: “I strongly encourage people to grow their brows to their fullest potential. If you’re trying to get there, leave them alone for two to four months,” advises Mary Dang, makeup artist and founder of Eye Love Brow and Beauty Bar in Toronto. To bulk up any patchiness in the meantime, she’s a fan of powder.

To make the results convincingly real-looking, colour selection is key: “If you have darker brow hair, go about a shade or two lighter. And if you have a lighter brow, go a shade darker,” Dang says. “Also, matching the tone of your brow hair is most important.” A cool brunette, for example, should pick a cool-toned powder—like an ash brown instead of a medium chocolate. Apply in short, feathery strokes, building up only in the areas needed.

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Watch this video to see how Maddox Lu, national brow artist for Benefit, adds fullness to thinned brows: