How can retailers compete in this changing landscape?

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"Personalized customer service is more important today than ever, with increasing numbers of customers shopping online, and more retail competition. Gone are the days when we stood behind our counters and waited for the customers to come to us; now we have to reach out to our clients in new and exciting ways."

1. Perfect the ultimate personalized service 

From remembering a client’s birthday to weekly catch-up calls with details of the latest offers, or even using WhatsApp groups and Snapchat, tailor your approach to each client.

2. Add theatre to your store through exciting events and offers 

Unique value-adds are key to keeping the footfall in stores, including makeup-tutorial events on how to master the latest trends.

3. Differentiate yourself from other retailers 

From the ground level, this is communicated by the BAs. Taking the time to resolve difficulties, locating products and dealing delicately with refunds are all things that make an impact.

4. Give the clients a reason to shop in person 

This is ultimately about relationship building. Make sure conversation with your clients is genuine and show you enjoy catching up with them. The sale should feel secondary to the personal connection.

5. Have the right person in the right job 

We need the best in the industry serving our customers, and that means hiring people who thrive on daily interactions and making clients’ days better.

— Scott Lovell, Marketing Manager at Hudson's Bay, Bloor Street, Toronto

Heather Marrin