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Star Makeup Artist Dick Page Wants You To Question Everything

“Makeup artist Dick Page is one cheeky dude. And lippy. Lashy? Not as much. With an impressive roster of shows from the fall collections (including Zero Maria Cornejo, Narciso Rodriguez, Creatures of Comfort, Hermès, and Jacquemus), the Shiseido artistic director tells the story of how he got into this whacky business and why he loves—and hates—parts of it so much.” Read more at W Magazine.

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Backstage Beauty at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

“There are models. There are supermodels. And then there are Victoria’s Secret models. These gorgeous ladies are the pinnacles of perfection, and they serve as beauty and body inspiration for us mere mortals. For this year’s show, it is all about showing off all their enviable natural beauty as we got a closer look backstage at hair, makeup, and incredible bodies.” Read more at Vanity Fair.

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Artist Profile: Dick Page

“Dick Page has painted the faces of every supermodel to storm through the ’90s, every Victoria’s Secret Angel worth her wings, and an exclusive coterie of A-List actresses, like Julianne Moore and Catherine Zeta-Jones. With his towering frame and tawny beard, Page cuts a distinctive, lumberjackian figure, and is a fixture backstage at fashion week, where models hope to have the good fortune to land in his chair. But it was not always so. ‘When I first moved to London, for the longest time I wasn’t making any money,’ says the British-born artist of his early days in the industry.” Read more at Violet Grey.

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