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Meet the Woman Who Smashes Makeup For a Living

In a nutshell, this means she smashes, smears, splashes, and stacks makeup and other cosmetics in appealing ways for photographers to shoot for beauty ads, retail catalogs, and magazines. A good chunk of the glossy makeup ads you’ve seen over the last few years were likely styled by her. "I’m kind of like a makeup artist without the models," she explains. Read more at Racked.

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CVS Is Hoping to Change the Way You Shop For Beauty Products at the Drugstore

According to retail analysts, CVS's bid on impulse is actually a smart bet. On the simplest level, it's about keeping customers entertained from start to finish. Boredom is the enemy as brick-and-mortar struggles to compete with "want it, got it" digital shopping, and these organizers make every moment count, says Karen Doskow, the Director of Consumer Products at consulting and research firm Kline & Company. Read more at Fashionista.

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This Is the Deal With Drinkable Beauty Supplements

“Nutrient-laden skin cocktails have been part of Eastern medicine practices dating back centuries, which is why you’ll find a dedicated refrigerated area in the beauty section of most Japanese and Korean department stores packed full of edible beauty supplements. Closer to home, while we’re yet to get our beauty on ice, juice bars are venturing beyond standard green juices.” Read more at Vogue Australia.


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