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Is Genderless Makeup the Future of Beauty?

Way back when in the early ’90s, Calvin Klein was busy launching the über cool unisex fragrance CK1, as britpop band Blur stormed the charts with their hit “Girls and Boys,” the catchy chorus of which went “girls who are boys, who like boys to be girls…” Fast-forward to present day, and gender fluidity has well and truly hit the mainstream. Read more at Refinery29.

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Why Burberry's Sponsored Snapchat Discover Channel Is Marketing Brilliance

“It’s fitting that Burberry’s first major campaign on Snapchat is for a fragrance, as fragrances present an opportunity to get young consumers to buy into a luxury brand. But this brilliantly executed campaign also denotes a serious long-term investment in Snapchat from Burberry. Brands generally use content to market their products, but here it’s the other way round. Snapchat codes on Mr. Burberry bottles allow people to scan for more Snapchat content.” Read more at Marketing Magazine.

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