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The Co-Founder of ColourPop on Working With Hello Kitty, the FBI and Kylie

This week, indie makeup brand ColourPop launched a limited-edition collection with Hello Kitty. As you would expect from the world’s cutest anthropomorphic cat and the internet’s buzziest makeup brand (3.5 million Instagram followers), it’s already selling out. Laura Nelson, the president and co-founder, assured me at a launch event that products would be restocked continually. Read more at Racked.

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The Real Story Behind ColourPop and Kylie Cosmetics

“There are the people who suspect ColourPop is simply a fly-by-night brand without real owners, and those who say it's owned by the Illuminati. And, of course, that tiny little rumor about Kylie. Luckily, ColourPop isn't in the business of letting things fester for too long, and we're not in the business of burying the lead, so let's start debunking: No, no, and it's kind of complicated.” Read more at Refinery29.

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How ColourPop Became the Most Popular (and Most Mysterious) Beauty Brand on the Internet

“The almost two-year-old, Los Angeles-based brand ColourPop burst onto Instagram in all of its colourful glory and captured the hearts—and lips—of seemingly everyone. While beauty influencers raved almost unanimously about the inexpensive products, an undercurrent of suspicion and conspiracy theories popped up surrounding ColourPop. So what is the deal with this brand anyway?” Read more at Fashionista.

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