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Bigger, Bolder, ‘Badder’: How Urban Decay ‘Conspired’ to Disrupt the Beauty Industry

Wende Zomnir embodies her brand, Urban Decay. The company’s committed litmus test—to be feminine, dangerous and fun—is likely inspired by her personal style and character. She’s a self-described beauty junkie who set the bar high with the company’s first tagline, “Does pink make you puke?”, and pushed the cosmetics industry to boundaries that 20 years ago seemed outrageous but today are the new, fabulous norm. Read more at ABC News.

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Estee Lauder's Granddaughter Has Three Tips for Those in the Beauty Industry

Jane Lauder, global brand president of cosmetics brand Clinique, sat down with Fortune‘s Leigh Gallagher to talk about the brand, the newest trends in the beauty industry, and how she plans to compete with niche makeup brands. Lauder, who is also the granddaughter of Estee Lauder—founder of her eponymous makeup conglomerate and Clinique’s parent company—shared three pieces of advice for those in the beauty industry. Read more at Fortune. 

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